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Lessons for networking and life

Nance Guilmartin, author of “Healing Conversations”, says that when we deal with issues like job loss, moving, divorce, health and bereavement, we ask others for help.

Asking others for help can be easier and more productive when we “ask six people for help.  Not just one. Six!” She explains this is because:

  • The first person you ask may be busy.
  • The second may not want to get involved.
  • The third may not be able to address all your requests.
  • The fourth may refer you to someone else.
  • The fifth can’t do what you ask, but can help in other ways, and
  • The sixth may be the one who says ‘Sure, no problem!’

Guilmartin also points out that asking more people can provide you a broader range of options than you would have had otherwise.

Reference: RELATIONSHIPS Ed Wooler; Managing Member; EMA Partners Atlanta LLC

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