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Taking my business into the future

Having recently completed my first decade in business, I thought it was time to review where I had been and where I want to take my business in the future.  I decided to spend a day in a beautiful place where I could be creative.

I brought a sketch book and coloured pens with me to the restaurant and ordered a cheese and charcuterie board with a glass of their wine and got to work!  The combination of the view, the ambience and the opportunity to ‘play’ seemed to work, as I completed mind-map after mind map to focus my thoughts on the business and what I want it to reflect in my life.

The end result can be found in my ‘About’ page – a totally new direction which focuses on me being a ‘maverick facilitator’ working with companies whose values are aligned with mine and who understand the inter-connectedness of people, business and the environment.  This visioning exercise made me realise that my old way of chasing any business that was available was reducing my passion for what I do.  I realised that I need to choose my clients carefully and work in ways that make a difference to the people I interact with, acknowledges my love of the outdoors and feeds my spirit.  After all, that was the reason I went out on my own in the first place!

If you find yourself in this space, take the time to define what it is that:

  • You are passionate about
  • You stand for and value
  • Makes your heart ‘sing’ and feel good about yourself
  • You want from your life
  • You want you or your business to represent
  • You are really good at
  • Would make a business employ or use you
  • Epitomises your personal or leadership philosophy.

Once these are clear, deciding who to approach for employment or business is simply a matter of focused research – a far cry from working randomly without being certain that the result you get is the one you want!

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