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What motivates my business posts on social media?

When I became a solopreneur 14 years ago I resisted creating social media pages and a website.  Needless to say, it didn’t take long for pressure from business networks, etc., to motivate me to see the value of making my voice heard and my brand known!

Social media

Each of us has different passions and triggers that drive what we connect with on social media.  As much as social media can be annoying and enough make you want to slit your wrists sometimes, it is also a fabulous medium for education and creating awareness.  As an adult educator, coach and mentor, this resonates with me!

When I think about what motivates my business posts on social media, it is to:

  • Challenge people to read, research and think for themselves; to question limiting beliefs and develop self-insight
  • Develop awareness of the issues that we should be concerned about as a society because they are important
  • Share information from credible thought leaders and experts in their field so that we continue to learn and grow
  • Motivate and inspire through quotes and ideas from insightful sources
  • Share tips and techniques for self-development and better leadership
  • Be the voice for those who cannot speak or stand up for themselves, and
  • Share the great humour that surrounds us every day!

Learning, growing, and developing awareness and self-insight may not be on everyone’s agenda on social media.  If it is on yours, I invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/mary-anne-calvert-39462217/ and like my business Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/calvertcapetown.

Let’s start a conversation and share experience!

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