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My Starfish Story

I love this story!

The starfish symbol represents regeneration, renewal, self-sustainability and in terms of this story, compassion. These are all the things we all need to do and be at various times of our lives, and for me the starfish story represents the “why” I do what I do. I know that what I do may not #makeadifference to everyone I work with, but if I at least make a difference to a few lives, I feel I have fulfulled my reason for being.

Besides the starfish pendant and ring I often wear as a reminder of my “why”, I’m going to have a small tattoo of a starfish done on the outside of wrist for my big birthday this year so that I never forget. Watch this space and connect with me. I would love to make a difference in your life!

sea shells with sand as background

…and it is done!  My starfish story and a reminder of my “why.”  I can’t #makeadifference to everyone, but I must do what I can, wherever I can.

My starfish tattoo

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