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A business case for performance coaching

  Just over a year ago, a client for whom I had been providing a learning and development service, asked me to coach a manager who was promoted from an operations position to branch manager. The coachee has years of experience in the business, but had received little or no formal development, which he was…

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Boomers leading generation X & Ys

“Boomers have been very successful – the problem now is that a new workforce starts to emerge into the workplace and the rules, regulations and the methodologies that have been so successful in the past are not working as well as they used to.” Watch Keith Coats of tomorrowtodayglobal talking about a topic that is…

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I cry for my beloved country

When the Rugby World Cup starts on 18 September 2015 and South Africa plays its first game against Japan on the 19th, I hope that all South Africans will stand proudly behind the Springboks and remember the cup final 20 years ago in 1995, when this game united our nation at the beginning of its fledgling democracy.…

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7 habits of unsuccessful executives

Source – Forbes.com Habit # 1:  They see themselves and their companies as dominating their environment This first habit may be the most insidious, since it appears to be highly desirable.  Shouldn’t a company try to dominate its business environment, shape the future of its markets and set the pace within them?  Yes, but there’s…

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No consequence = no change in behaviour!

Managing people in a work situation can often feel like parenting a difficult child, as despite our warnings about the possible consequences to them if their performance does not improve or their behavioural problems don’t stop, nothing changes. Unfortunately, warnings without real consequence are about as successful a deterrent as threatening children but never taking…

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