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Small Business

What motivates my business posts on social media?

When I became a solopreneur 14 years ago I resisted creating social media pages and a website.  Needless to say, it didn’t take long for pressure from business networks, etc., to motivate me to see the value of making my voice heard and my brand known! Each of us has different passions and triggers that…

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CCFM radio interview on human resource issues

I was interviewed recently by the CCFM Business Show to discuss Human Resources and offer tips and information to business owners and leaders to assist them to deal with HR issues effectively.  Enjoy these short clips and contact me via my website at http://thehumanelement.co.za if you would like a copy of the full interview or…

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EQ – A pathway to success

As every entrepreneur would agree, we are a special breed of people who have the courage to turn our passions into businesses and make our dreams a reality. Yet, like any leader, there is much we need to learn and many skills we need to develop to ensure the success of our ventures, particularly when…

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Attitude: A little thing that makes a big difference!

As every entrepreneur knows, if you have a team of people working with you in your business, you must deal with their performance, personal issues and attitudes, as much as you must deal with your own! Why this image for a post about attitude? Well, depending on your attitude, you may choose to focus on…

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Lessons of a recycled start-up

A few years back I wrote a blog post about the lessons of a small business owner, and just nine months into 2016, I have learned a whole lot more!  Although I founded my business in 2005, my relocation to Cape Town from Durban in December 2013 meant that I effectively became a recycled start-up in a new…

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