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Performance Coaching and Mentoring

Tim Gallwey, the author of “The Inner Game”, has a great definition of coaching – “Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It’s helping them to learn rather than teaching them”.  Over the years that I have coached many leaders and their teams, both to improve performance and develop potential in high flyers.  I have learned these three things:

  • Most people can and want to do a good job
  • A coach can help them to remove barriers that are preventing them from doing their best and achieving their potential
  • Often these barriers result from their lack of awareness and emotional intelligence (EQ), rather than their IQ. (We know now that being blessed with a high IQ is no guarantee of success, but having a low EQ is likely to lead to failure).

The benefits of mentoring on the other hand, is that it gives people access to the mentor's experience.  This saves them the time and energy of making mistakes, because the mentor has walked the road that they are on and can share their lessons. A mentor also holds them accountable to achieve the results they want to achieve.

As someone who has "been there and done that", I am the coach and mentor you or your team need, provided there is commitment to do the work it takes to achieve the potential and results they are capable of!

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Performance Coaching and Mentoring Approach

My performance coaching and mentoring focuses on developing a trusting partnership with my coachee/mentee, where they feel safe enough to have tough conversations, assess the impact of their current behaviours and identify new, more productive ways of thinking and working.

I use the appropriate assessment tools (conducted by a psychologist if necessary), to provide objective information that we will work with going forward.

The intention is to encourage people to think and develop emotional intelligence and self-insight, identify solutions that will help them to grow and strengthen their confidence in their ability to reach their potential.

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