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Established in 2024, The Human Element is an international trade consulting team, focused on ensuring that your cross border transactions are practical, efficient and that you can execute without having to run the risk of not getting paid, or not being able to deliver

We offer a holistic, affordable trade compliance solutions to individuals, as well as local and international businesses.

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Trade Advisory

We unravel the complexities of cross border trade by simplifying the process and decisions for your business


Trade Compliance

We identify requirements and structure deals for compliant cross border transactions


Project Management

Need help with executing on your cross border transactions, the expert team can project manage the door to door solution for you

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How we help?

Navigating the complexities of international trade can be daunting. At The Human Element, we take the guesswork out of global expansion. By partnering with you, we:

Unravel Cross-Border Requirements:

We begin by thoroughly understanding your business and the products you intend to import or export. This includes analyzing your target markets and the specific regulations they impose.

Chart the Optimal Market Entry Strategy:

We don't just identify a route to market – we identify the best route. This considers factors like duty optimization, free trade agreements, and minimizing permanent establishment risk.

Ensure Seamless Compliance:

Our team of experts stays on top of the ever-changing international trade compliance landscape. We'll guide you through all local and international regulations, ensuring your shipments move smoothly and avoid costly delays or penalties.

Project Management:

Our Project Management team can take care of the door to door projects for you, through the effective use of our global network of experts in logistics and local regulations, giving you more time to focus on winning your next deal

“We take the time to understand your business, giving the solution you need that Human Element”

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